Strategic axis 1 – Internationalization of the Canary Islands Educational System


1 Identification of the Internationalisation as a pedagogical axis of the teaching learning process in the Canary Islands Non-University Educational System.

2 Introduction of the global competence in the teaching staff’s training programs

3 Implementation of awarness raising campaigns to promote the internationalization of the education.

4 Recognition of the educational centers’ international trajectory. creation of the distinctive hallmark “Centro embajador ECIE”.

5 Elaboration of educational materials and educational resources on the internationalization.

6 Establishment of the expert committee on the internationalization of the education.

7 Celebration of the annual workshops on internationalization of the education at the canary islands.

8 Program of collaboration and admission of institutions and external entities to the ECIE.

9 Proposal for the creation of an EOEC-ECIE coordination working group.

10 Transformation of the actual office of European Educational Programs (OPEEC) into the ECIE Office (OECIE).

Strategic axis 2 – International Educational Cooperation


11 Establishment of international framework agreements and conventions.

12 Participation in international forums and working groups.

13 Creation of international cooperation networks.

14 Mentoring on the educational programs’ implementation in the exterior.

15 Reception of delegations of foreign institutions and educational centers.

16 Promotion of participation in European and international projects whose purpose is the educational cooperation.

17 Stimulation to stipulate international center to center Twinings.

Strategic axis 3 – International mobility


18 Creation of an international mobility database.

19 Increase of in/out students mobilities.

20 Increase of in/out teachers mobilities.

21 Increase of pf practices abroad.

Strategic axis 4 – Language policy


22 Integration of the global and intercultural dimension of the education in the foreign languages learning programs.

23 Introduction of the international approach in the educational centers linguistic projects.

24 Accompaniment of applications for educational centers in order to obtain international hallmarks.

25 Recognition of the spanish language value as a resource for the internationalization.